Midi From Rewire Master to Control Renoise Instrument?

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Is there any way to send midi from the rewire master (in this instance, logic) to renoise to control the instrument/s in renoise? So, you could have the audio going from renoise to logic, but then have some kind of track in Logic triggering notes (using piano roll) from an instrument in Renoise?

If there’s not a direct way native to logic/renoise/rewire, are there any midi applications that can do this?


You can do this, easily.

I’ve just done it following these steps:


Hi there,

I am trying the same and not going anywhere at the moment.

I am using reaper as the rewire master and renoise as the slave, as the mighty samplerbox it is.
I set up a FX track with renoise. And I am already stuck at that point :S
In renoise’s midi page, no midi ins are visible.

I am already confused by all these buttons…

Should 'ev added: I’m on windows, rns3.0


Well, you’re using both a DAW and OS that I’m not, so, I don’t know how much help I can be. I’ll give it a go though.

Firstly, this article is aimed at windows users specifically: http://www.renoise.com/blog/advanced-midi-routing-for-renoise it will most likely contain all that you need. I’ve got a feeling you need this program ‘Midi Yoke’ to do what you want.

“I set up a FX track with renoise.” What do you mean an FX track? As in, a track that you’re using for glitchy FX? Just to clarify, are you trying to control an instrument in renoise (sample OR plugin based) from reaper?

I don’t know if on windows you have the same “Renoise Midi-In” option that’s on mac.

Can you attempt similar steps in reaper that they do here in logic? http://www.propellerheads.se/substance/rewirehelp/index.cfm?fuseaction=get_article&article=logic8_3 Try and create a new track that is called/uses external midi in reaper. I can only speak from my end, but, in logic (master) I can do this, set it to ‘renoise midi-in’, then in renoise (slave) if I click on the instrument that I want to control, then click on midi (top left-ish) and then click on input device I can select from a few different options, including ‘renoise midi-in’ (IAC midi channels being another, but, this is something unique to mac I think natively at least]). Then I just make sure that the channel is the same in logic, and, it works, no problem.

Good luck. Be good to know how you get on/if that above article was all you needed. :)

Ah, well, confusion all over ;)

I am sorry, a peculiarity of reaper is, that there is just one type of track for every type of content, be it midi or audio or fx or send or recive or bus, doesn’t matter, all the same. So, the renoise rewire slave is indeed set up from a menu called FX ;)

I followed the rewire instructions both from the renoise and the rewire manual to set up “Sending midi from reaper (master) to renoise (slave)”, which should work out of the box, as far as I understand. The funny thing is, that midi-ports do not show up in the slaved renoise.

I also asked in the reaper forum, will post the solution, when I get there!

Cheers for your attempt, though!

Okay, I got it to work, but in a different way as planned.

I rewired renoise as a slave to reaper, so far, so good. No problems with audio, that works as expected!

For the midi routing, I used a virtual midi cable (I am using http://www.nerds.de/index.html, there are plenty of others) and mapped the midi output from reaper that way, works in an instant.

I am just wondering, because I understood the manual of both programs, renoise and reaper, that this should work via rewire. But perhaps I got it wrong…?