Midi Full Support And Soundbanks?

Hi to Everybody :)

This is my first post here but I am not new on the world of Tracking…

Some things changed ofcourse since the last time I tracked something on the old FT2 ;)

Well , I have some ideas for Renoise developers…

  1. Is it possible to make renoise to Support Soundbanks ?

What I need it for…

Its easy for me to load a soundbank with the 127 instruments and try to play something a melody for example…

I want renoise to record the melody I played with the Instrument I choose and later on I want to be able to change this Instrument with a WAV sample so as to make it sound better.

  1. On my midi keyboard I have a - and + button so as I can browse the soundbank instruments.

Can you make this also works with WAV samples on renoise?

Thats all for now

Keep up the good work :rolleyes: