Midi Hardware Questions

hello, this is a section where I rarely open topics :)

first of all, I’m not a MIDI expert, so forgive me for any stupid question which will follow.

I was playing around with my MIDI equipment, because I liked to see if (and how) I could record my MIDI drumkit into Renoise.

I also have a MIDI keyboard, which I already use regularly into Renoise, so I decided to use both of them as sources.

The operation has been completed succesfully, and each source is recorded into Renoise, but I don’t understand this:

I’ve set the MIDI channel for the keyboard to 01, and the MIDI channel for the drumkit to 10; then, I’ve added two MIDI instruments into Renoise: Instrument 01 has been set to channel 01 and MIDI interface 01 (keyboard), while Instrument 02 has been set with channel 10 and MIDI interface 02 (drumkit), all set via the Instrument MIDI properties tab.

This way, I expected to record instrument 01 with the keyboard, and instrument 02 with the drumkit, while I always record the instrument which is selected into the instrument list.

Is all this how it should be in Renoise?
If so, don’t you feel this as a Renoise limitation?

huh, indeed that was I thought soon after.

yeah, we would really need something like that for live recording

from my point of view (maybe a more tracker-oriented one), per-instrument would be better than per-track. apart from this, what you described would be a great enhancement


A dropdown box in Instrument settings to choose midi input would do the trick.
Also a checkbox to disable/enable default midi input for this instrument.