MIDI import/export question

Hi guys,

I saw that one of the next versions of renoise will support a midi import/export functionality. My question is following; how will you be able to do a correct import/export of a midi file knowing that the standard resolution of a midi file is 96 ticks per quarter note (pqn) whereas the resolution of renoise is 96 ticks per whole note?

No criticism or anything just wondering , or perhaps i’m missing something.



you are indeed missing something:
RNS will be subject to a compelte rethought in pattern internal structure, letting it have more resolution.

Check out the idea & suggestions forum:
about MIDI I/O
about resolution changes

Hey thanks,

Exactly the answer i was looking for :) Do you have more information on that rethaught of the patterns and/or resolution ? Just curious.


I don’t sleep in taktik’s bed, I’m sorry :o ;)