Midi Import Or Midi Rip?

As you may know, ReNoise 1.3 will have MIDI import (and export) feature.

This is of course a great enhancement for ReNoise and opens the doors for existing professional studios.

There is a drawback, anyway…

read this story about mister Alpha Helix, a guy which has rapidly become a referring point into CuteTranceGirls music community, for his music and his constant presence on the site.

Well… as I suspected, this guy is a “ripper”, id est a person which picks music made by another person, partially modifies it, and release it with his name.

The story is quite funny because he defended himself saying that the person who was claimed to be the actual author (Simon Ravn) is his father, which is less than 30 years old (he is 18), and once contacted, loudlylaughed at his “son”.

So why am I telling all this?

This AlphaHelix guy basically has took some MID files, loaded them in Reason, modified some effect parameters, and re-released them (he didn’t even change the title in his last “work”!!).

I just hope that allowing MID import won’t result into such terribly episodes.
Each ripper searching for fame and glory will earlier or later be discovered, but this is sad anyways.

note: I have nothing against MID import; this is a post I would have put on Off Topic forum section if it would have been available.

What has MIDI-import to do with ripping other peoples music? It is possible with or without MIDI-import, so I see no need to worry more now than before.

MIDI import will make it easier to rip from other source into ReNoise.

I’m just saying that I would be very disappointed if someone would use ReNoise to rip.

you all have been warned <_< :ph34r:


It is already possible to import XM-files into renoise, a fromat that contains sounds and is much more compatible with the renoise-format so it would be more likely that people will use this when they rip. To be honest I do not see any reason to worry more than before just because Renoise will get MIDI-import. ;)

Share your concern, IT, this f****ing ripping has made SO many people refrain from releasing their music-source. Still, twilek has a valid point. I’ve seen sooo many rip-offs… People who love a track so bad they wish they made it, write their name in it and send it online… Sad twats.

Ah well, as ripping already exists and works “just fine” with various mod-formats, MIDI-import will change nothing. Just make things more accessible for re-formatters. I need to remake a bmx… :)

IT - are you paranoid or are you against all normal and professional new features of renoise? ;)
i think midi-files are not the way to publish your renoise songs - or what? for me midi files are the possibility for easier work on cover-versions, remixes or share note-data between differnent audio-software etc. … thats all … don’t understand you, don’t understand your topic.
somebody is ripping music?! - but midi-files are not the reason.
midi-files are the one and only possibility to use digital-music/note-data on every electronic music hard and software!

Well Alexander, It-Alien said he had nothing against MIDI import, but I agree with you… If someone is ripping songs the rippers are the problem, not the software they’re doing it with. OGG, MP3 and even WAV loading also makes it easier to rip songs. But you could easily rip a melody without software at all, just listen to it and enter the notes… :)

(Guess my avatar is down now… I’m replaced every part in my server and doing a fresh install… Zzzzzz… had funnier Friday nights than this one :))