Midi Import, Separate Tracks For Drums


When doing a lot of MIDI importing, especially from a GM MIDI file, there’s one thing that strikes me as a possible improvement. When using General MIDI, channel 10 is used for drums. However, when triggering samples or VST instruments in Renoise, you often want one separate instrument per drum. If each triggered note on channel 10 was placed in a different track, it would be much easier editing drums imported from a General MIDI file.

The MIDI file import feature in Renoise is great and i use it a lot, with different programs that produce MIDI files. I know that a lot of people don’t use it much, but it’s very useful. I think something like it extracting channel 10 drums to separate patterns might make it even more useful for a lot of people.

Great idea, I was just going to write the same thing. Furthermore, I’d add one more thing. I use Alesis drumkit for recording and would be really great if such separation could take place during recording.

I’ve just wrote simple java application which modifies xml file and makes separated tracks for drums but it’d be lot better to have such functoinality built-in :)