Midi In From Ableton

I have a track in Ableton playing midi clips; and Renoise receiving the midi using loopBe.

When I record the sequence in Renoise I get no no gaps in the rows in the pattern editor. It seems to record line by line which results in an inaccurate copy of the midi file. The notes are accurate just the timing of the midi file is way off. Looking for a solution to this?

Regards, James

Does it attempt to record the notes only one note a row in the same column or did you enabled the chord button? (fourth button on the left)

vV, thanks - I went put a picture together of my piano roll in ableton and the renoise recording of the midi; at first I did have the chord button enabled and then switched it off halfway thru - still have no gaps in the pattern editor where the piano roll is showing gaps.

Regards, James

I see a green cursorbar looking to me pattern follow is not enabled, that also influences the distance between the notes.
Just play around with the scroll lock button to see what i mean.
And when the pattern is following, then record again and then it should be alright.

vV thanks again for the help but it did not seem to make any difference whteher the scroll lock button is enabled or off. Any other ideas?

Regards, James

Look for this button:

Click it so it looks like:

Does this help?

SOLVED! Thanks vV and Conner_Bw … I will need to do more testing; but I did get the desired result from the scroll button/icon you mentioned, so thanks.

Regards, James

I guess your scroll lock button is not set to toggle pattern follow mode.