Midi In Question / Troubles With Instruments & Tracks

I have another program sending MIDI into Renoise through Midi-Yoke.
The MIDI being sent goes to the highlighted 1st instrument 00, but I’m having trouble assigning another channel to another instrument.

How would I go about assigning another MIDI channel from a MIDI-IN to other instruments?

Also, is there any method of assigning an instrument to a track other than the highlighted track?


Not sure about with Midi Yoke but with real MIDI controllers you can only play the currently selected Instrument.

You can not enter notes into a Track where your cursor isn’t.

Both are areas being looked at by the development team.

Indeed you can’t do it, which means if you want to use generative music software such as Nodal or Noatikl, you’re gonna have to use a different host. I think Reaper, Podium and EnergyXT can do it (notice I’m listing cheap ones). Hopefully Renoise will do it soon, will be interested in seeing how it is implemented.

Good stuff, that’s enough for me, thanks.

Using Wizard’s Master Control Program (WMCP). Looking to use many WMCPs with Renoise in the future.