Midi In The Final Song

Jeh, the tutorials tell midi isn´t renderable.
So i searched some time, but found nowhere some good answer.
Do i really have to lay the midi over th wav manually?

Sorry for bad englisch, tired atm…

are you trying to sync audio and midi files for playback? or are you looking for some kind of a hybrid output format?

I guess he’s trying to render his synth or sampler controlled via midi

It’s the sucky part of Renoise. It can’t do it

It’s a very common limitation, not something unique to Renoise. The first time I ever saw a DAW that actually could do it was last year.

Okay, so there´s no perfect solution for this…
(If i press space, i´m listening to what i want, but rendering isn´t possible. Argh.)
So, do i have to record the midi line manually to put it into the song?

Cubase has a checkbox for this and it is called something like “render in realtime”, it includes audio inputs in the rendered file.

Okay, i know what i wanted to. thanks guys :)
Butka: I thought renoise was doing something like this, but well…someday it will be possible.

Perhaps if you slave Cubase to Renoise, that you then can do this :P