MIDI IN velocity 7F, MIDI OUT only 40


I am trying to use Renoise as a simple MIDI sequencer for some my piano ideas and it works well, except when I record some notes, I can see they are correctly recorded with maximum velocity 7F (if I remember correctly), but they are played back very silent. When I open MIDI details pane, I can see that incoming MIDI event are with 7F velocity while Renoise immediately sends them back as 40.

In the pattern, I can also see 7F, but when I play it via MIDI output, they are again sent as 40. This looks like a bug to me, can you verify or explain it to me?

Using 3.1 on Windows 10 with Yamaha PSR-225 via a cheap USB MIDI cable.

Many thanks for help.

Are you by any chance sequencing a phrase-enabled instrument?

It sounds like it - if that phrase contains a single C-4 note you might not notice it but it will affect the output. For example, a velocity of 40 will set output velocity to 50% of what you’re playing or sequencing.

Try opening one of the Sampler/Midi/Plugin tabs and see if the instrument contains any phrases. If so, try setting it to ‘Off’, or delete the phrase(s).