Midi Input Routing - Edit Mode & Track Muting


First up, LOVE the new features! MIDI input routing has been a dream of mine for a long time since I have as much love in my heart for a good hardware sequencer as I do for a good tracker. Octopus, anyone?

Two things I’m finding are weird with the way the new instrument MIDI input and track assignments are working:

When I enable Edit Mode to start laying some notes down in the pattern, events from MIDI Input Devices get recorded to the pattern - even if those devices are not set up as “MIDI Master Keyboard” in Preferences. This means that I can’t have an external sequencer controlling an instrument while I’m simultaneously recording or editing a different track. I would expect that only “MIDI Master Keyboard” devices get recorded, and instrument-mapped MIDI Input Devices just carry on triggering the instrument. If I want to record the MIDI input from those devices I should have to enable them as “Master Keyboard” devices.

The other thing is that if I’ve assigned the MIDI control of an instrument to a track, and then I mute that track in the mixer (while still feeding it MIDI data), the instrument keeps playing through the track. Even when it’s muted. I can stick a Gainer on the track and drop the gain to 0 to silence it, but this is less user-friendly. edit Reducing track volume to 0 (pre or post) also works - just not mute.

I’m not sure if these are bugs or if there’s something I don’t understand about how the MIDI input routing works, but both behaviors are counter-intuitive to me. If they were changed, Renoise would not only be the best tracker around, but it could be a contender for best sampler / sound module / vst host around too!

Thanks for listening!

You record devices that are set for a specific MIDI device, if Renoise would only record the master device, it wouldn’t allow you to record chained instruments (recording multiple instruments through the same midi device at once, this can’t be done with the master device selection), currently that is the only way to do it.
But perhaps the midi input could use a “Record” toggle button which mean that if it is toggled, the instrument is recorded to the pattern and if not toggled, the instrument is simply just only triggered.

That sounds more like a bug indeed.

Always behave like this, and IMHO is a very good thing.
If you want your track completely shut off from anything, use the “mixer mute” mute mode -> http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Preferences#Misc -> Default Trackmute mode

I see - I haven’t experimented with chained instruments yet so I didn’t see the advantage. If possible I’d love to see the toggle option added. Could make Renoise the perfect centerpiece for a multi-person band.
edit It might be more consistent with existing DAW convention to do per-track “arming” rather than per instrument. Just a thought.

Got it, thanks!