Midi Input

I’m currently saving up to purchase an electronic drum set. The drum module is capable of sending midi data, with drum hits assignable to any of the 16 midi channels.

Now, I’m wondering if the following is possible with Renoise…

Is it possible to assign a sample/instrument to a midi channel, so when my external drum module sends out midi data on that channel, that sample is triggered?

Also, imagine that I’m playing the drums and recording the sequence in Renoise (if the above is possible). Can I force seperate samples to be in a unique track? For example, I’m playing a simple kick-snare groove - is Renoise able to record kick note data in track1 and snare note data in track 2?

If this is possible, that would be great…I’ve only used a simple MIDI keyboard with renoise, so I’m not terrible familiar with all the capabilities.

Any help would be appreciated!


wtf?! :D

It looks like I overlooked one of the registered user’s votes in the WIP page:

This is EXACTLY what I need. With an electronic drum kit, I can assign each percussive element an instrument…that would be so sweet.

I’m sure there are other uses for this too…


Try to re-engineer the 9-knob midi device to make it a 9 channel percussion response set:

Nah man.

I need velocity sensitive triggers that output midi data. Not knobs. Knobs I have enough of.

Velocity sensitive triggers sound like pretty expensive components…
Usually those are some kind of crystals that cause a certain resistance ratio depending upon the amount of pressure you put upon it.
This way you can change voltage levels (thus attach various velocity layers to the different voltage levels)
I forgot the name of those resistance elements…