Midi Instrument- Renoise Volume Column(99) Vs. Midi Velocity (127)

As George Costanza would say “Greetings, Greetings and Salutations”

Hoping that someone can shed a little light on a question I have. I am using Renoise to play an external synth (lil phatty). I noticed that the volume row will only accept 99 as the largest number that can be entered and the lil phatty will accept velocity values up to 127. Is there any way to send a 127 velocity value from the volume column?

your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. Gratzi!

Renoise use a Hexadecimal system.
So instead of 0-127 it will be 0-80 in hexadecimal. This is a more compact and more musical system.
If you are not familiar with hex then I can assure you that it will not take you much effort to figure out how it works, and what benefits there are.

Btw if you don’t write anything in the volume column it will send out maximum velocity.

Klik here to see 0-127 in hex-values: Decimals / Hex values

In no time you will automaticly remember that max volume is 7F and mid-volume is 40

a little note: you can also use 80 as maximum value: in Renoise, 80 is an alias for 7F

:yeah: awwwww yeah, now i get it. thanks for help!