Midi Issue

Hey ive tried for some hours now to get my midi up and running again.

So, i bought a cheap new interface for reference, have a SB audigy from which i run the midi and asio.

my a33 keyboard is hooked to the pc IN from its OUT.
First Synth is hooked up to the pc OUT in the IN.

Select my channel 16 on the synth and same in renoise.

1st cord is fine…second one i begin to hear notes cutted…and after 2-4 cords…its gone to monofinc basickly.
So i need to use the panic button to clear up. for a new round that falls into cutting notes…but everytime i reset via panic first cord are fine.

I suspect the keyboard to send some Layer beneath the tones? with various stuff connected to each note?

On specific keys, i get automaticly program changes, others i get automatic pitch, instrument change, prefrmance change, etc, etc…its all a mess…so i need to hook of the “record program change” and record and play controlers…then…it sucks less :) then only the 1st cord issue that runs out in monofonic cords.

To my defence i will inform that :
I tried this on 1 box with 2 different motherboards and 2 different sound cards…all 4 gave me the same result.
Furthermore whats confusing me alot is, that ive taken the setup, midikeyboard,cable,synth and renoise to another box and set it up, runs perfectly.

What can it be?

The ONLY thing i brought from the old box ( i jsut bought new mboard,HDs,gfx cards,soundcard. ) is a dvd burner. but yet…i have same issues as in the last one, with completly different hardware, YET it works fine in an alternative box.


i should note maby :
when i hook both midi IN/OUT to the a33, renoise cpu rises to 40% and both leds are lighted…if i start to record…then with no keys pressed on the a33, the tracker starts to record stuff…if i then press keys…the speed increases drasticly…and the cpy goes towards 100%.

and STILL note, the a33 keyboard works flawless on a box just next to me.
and all harware have been exchanged tried, every combination.

this is a tracking of the a33 OUTSIDE renoise…the one to the left u see picks up some program change stuff…though i just push 1 note and nothing else…and again…it works perfect on another box.

moved the gear 300km west to start a new job
and it works…just tested it.
seems moving is a good thing after all.