midi jitter ...renoise got pawned by seq.24

I did some testing , recorded 4 bars of 16 notes ( from integra 7 ) over usb midi , standard roland integra usb midi drivers .

Did this 2 times , kept the left channel of both recordings ,and aligned the first beat of both recordings .

In some parts there was a midi jitter of 5ms .

Did the same with freeware seq.24 program , never exceeded 1 ms midi jitter .

Is that running on the same computer with the same midi and audio interface? If so, that is pretty wild!

yep .

And the latency is set properly low in Renoise? When the sound card is driving the MIDI, this can affect performance too.

Impressive with seq.24, btw.

Yeah both use the exact same drivers /settings

Need to do some further testing with old skool midi cables ( using usb for now ) , but yeah seq.24 is rock solid