Midi Keyb Vs. Pc-keys Cont.


you should have had an option -“I use both Midi-keyb and Pc-keys!”, as well, I think… :D :D
at least I use both since both techniques produce different results… etc.

just a thought…


Yes, I use booth techniques, mainly because my midikeyboard is so big, have to fix my workbench…
But I would really love to have a velocity sensitive computer keyboard…

I guess it would have been okay to post this as a reply to his post instead of starting a whole new thread :rolleyes: ;)

Erm…isn’t that thread locked though?

I think you need a Prodikey ;)


ehm… yes, it seems of some strange reason to be so, didn’t see that.

Oh, I’d love to see that! Would work great for games as well, steering-wise in GTA for example…

Oh, and prodikeys looks… Well, gruesome! :) I’d prefer having the keyboard on the side, and with some faders as well. Buying a midi-keyboard soon… Very soon.

I have an MK-361c midi Keyboard from Evolution and I am verry happy with it.
(However Radium bought Evolution before a couple of months.)

I have midi keyboard on the left and is dificult for me to use it. I have to turn my head to the right to see the PC Screen.

I need the midi keyboard to be in front of me and also the Pc keyboard. So I need a solution like prodikeys which will be my christmas present :P or modify my workbench.

Cheers :guitar:

after a long period without piano-keys on my workbench … now i bought the simple fatar midi-keyboard.

small question:
is it normal that keyjazz with a midi-keyboard don’t work in edit-mode? in record mode it works fine?!

Yes, it’s normal. I’ve suggested a change of this a couple of times. It works the same as the computer keyboard - if you press two notes they are insterted on the same track and hence the second note kills the first one. You have to hold left shift while playing… but that’s a challange with only two hands sometimes.

it’s not a bug, it’s a feature - or what?! :D … ok … maybe in future versions of renoise we get record-quantization and some more improvments with midi-keys and so on … i hope so …