Midi Keyboard Features

Sorry if this has been already talked about, I really have little time to write at the moment. Just came up with these ideas that would make my MIDI keyboard recording easier and more pleasant:

  1. auto-start recording - when on, renoise starts to record on the first midi event

  2. auto-retake: when recording a difficult phrase or an improvised solo, I always repeat it many times, but every time I have to clear the track in all patterns, reset all midi values (pitch bend, modulation etc) and go back to the start position. Would be cool if at least some of these things (clear tracks, go back and wait for the keypress from point 1. again :) ) were done automatically.

What do you think? Anyone wants that except me?

PS. I once suggested Undo enhancements: the ability to set an undo position, so that when I later press some alt+ctrl+Z combination, everything is undone until the state I have marked (without the need to undo EVERY change one by one). Such a feature would make my point 2. feel less urgent. :)

yeah the auto recording idea would be very usefull

Together with a metronome count-in this would be great!

A start on keypress and a metronome count in would both be nice.

However I would love a overwrite record mode, which when you record instead of adding more notes like now, removes the old notes/volume/panning and records the new notes.

This way you can record untill you get the part right.

great topic with great ideas… not great ideas, they’re very simple ideas, but need to be in ReNoise.