Midi keyboard, how to play only the focused track?

This is usually simple on other daw’s i haven’t found a way to do so in renoise.

So what i need is to have my plugins/instruments ‘driven’ by my midi keyboard only when a specific track is selected.

That way i don’t have to deal with distinct assigning midi channels, etc something necessary for hardware surely though not for software…

the way it is now every track plays back the assigned instrument which is quite annoying really…

So any tips would be extremely helpful…

simple on other daws

Yes, usually a DAW has a strict relationship between the track and instrument. Not so in Renoise.

The way I usually do it is to map a keyboard directlyto the instrument (MIDI tab > Input port).

You can map a single keyboard multiple times, and let the channel decide which instrument you’re controlling.

Alternatively, you can try enabling Auto-capture instrument (Options menu) and let Renoise attempt to pick the right instrument as you are moving through tracks.

A few enhanced/alternative versions of this feature existing as tools, hereand here

And if you absolutely want to use the track as a deciding factor, it’s possible by passing MIDI through xRules.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the info!

I’ll try these options and the tools out.