Midi keyboard transpose for playing

My second question as a beginner:

Is there a solution for playing transposed an instrument (while recording / or just without any recording)? There is a renoise song already that I would like to accompany with a new solo track but the original key to the melody is not convenient for me to play (start on C but for me it is hard to play but I could play nicely starting from G on the keyboard), so I would like to play shifted on Midi keyboard.
I learned that there is an instrument (sample) tranpose in the insturment editor but that is not good because if there is for example a piano instrument which has a specific keboard layout (suppose 2 samples per each octave), the sample will be played unnaturally speeded up or down unless you adjust the keyboard layout as well, but that is much work.


If you click on the advanced edit on the right, there is a transpose function. I think you can get it from a right-click menu too. You can transpose anything in the pattern editor any way you want.

As for doing this for live, I don’t know of a way to do this via software, but many midi keyboards have this functionality. Some have it really easy to access via transpose buttons (though most keyboards this will by default do octaves instead of half steps. My prokeys88 does it in half steps though) but some you might have to use the “advanced functions” or whatever your keyboard calls it if it has it. If the latter you might have to look it up in the manual for you controller.

I would like to use the transpose function in “live”.

Unfortunately my keyboard has only octave up/down shif fucntion.


What keyboard do you have?

Novation X-STATION