Midi Keyboard Use

i got a midi keyboard (m-audio e49) and i use it to play with my vsts. i use it in renoise and it works more or less. to improve my pleasure, id like to improve a few things :

-if i want to record a little riff, i currently dont know a better way than hit space (play pattern) and start playing as fast as i can. after than i have to replace the notes at the right place. there should obviously be a way to trigger pattern playback when the first note is played but i dont know where…

-when in idle, sometimes modwheel inputs appear, its very annoying. i disabled this but do other people have had this issue?

-apart this, what could be other uses of this midi keyboard?

Don’t start the transport on the pattern you want to record the riff… Start one pattern before… Give yourself, “a count in,” or If you have nothing but an empty pattern, use the metronome, or enter some closed hi hat @ 1…2…3…4…

As fer the modwheel… I dunno… Are you 100% sure you preferences are correct? What did you do to, “disable.”


edit = spelling

Yeah I always use metronome precount for those things. Know that if need be you can replace Metronome.wav with something you like better.