Midi Keyboards/controllers

I’m getting tired of only being able to play three notes at once on my PC keyboard and I want velocity control etc so I’ve decided to buy a MIDI controller.
Does anyone have any recommendations?
I’d prefer if it has knobs or sliders so I can play with filter cutoffs etc although I have no idea how to set Renoise up to do this.

At the moment, I like the Korg microKONTROL the best but are there any others out there?

M-Audio’s Radium49/61 or if you can spare the cash, get the Evolution series. Lots of control. Sliders, knobs, faders.

Edirol PCR series have been rather popular too…

There are many controllers out there today and (I think) most of them are ok and work with renoise. The Korg has mini keys, one thing I wouldn’t want. I also found one with 4 octaves and small enough to fit between the keyboard and monitor…

I have a radium 49 and I love it. its a little bit big for my table, but thats not the midi-controllers fault but mine. (and this doesnt mean that its a “big” keyboard either, my table is just very small for 2 monitors, a scanner, a bunch of cd’s and a mouse, pc-keyboard and midi-keyboard.)

Thanks for the replies. :)

I’ve had a look at the Radium 49 and the Evolution MK 449C:

I prefer the Evo of the two and they are both half the price of the Korg but the Korg is definitely “you get what you pay for”, it looks very high qualilty.
Does the Radium have velocity sensitive keys by the way?
It looks like it doesn’t from the online shops I’ve seen so far.

I have the Evolution MK-249 and it works perfectly and has velocity sensitive keys… which I think all new controllers have.

:D that’s why i am going to get it after my next paycheck!

the radium 49 has velocity-sensitive keys of course.

I’ve just ordered the Evo 449C at a very reasonable £150:
The Korg is a quality keyboard but the keys aren’t full size and only 3 octave so I decided to go for this one instead.

Thanks for the advice, I didn’t even know the Evo products existed before this thread. :)

I got it delivered today and I just spent 3 hours playing with it. :blink:
I can’t believe how big the thing is!
Here’s a pic:
http://www.richardm.co.uk/images/forums_etc/Evo.jpg B)

congrats dude and lots of fun with it. :D btw, the radium 49 is about as big as this one.

Yeah, I’m glad I bought it.
By the way, latency seems to be non-existent which is a surprise.

I’m running a Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro and the performance is excellent.
Notes appear straight away in Renoise.

no offence, but I find this keyboard quite useless :huh:

by reading the review in the page you have submitted, I’ve seen that the controller does not have a MIDI-aware volume control (!!), the velocity sensitiveness is not very good, and the modulation wheel is absent.

The idea is good, ok, but this looks like an hybrid between a decent PC keyboard and a terrible MIDI keyboard, which will also probably hurt your wrists.

Plus (or better: Minus) it is a Creative Product :) (see below)

For the same price, you would at least be able to get a very good wireless PC keyboard.

chick included? :lol:

Fair play, and as you may have guessed from the above picture, the marketing is abyssmal as well. :)

yep blaster, or the guy, just as you prefer. problem is, they use the keyboard all day and wont let you, because they just “LOVE IT SO MUCH HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!” (just look at the picture).

this is the ultimate midi-controller, with joystick, touchpad, assignable rotation / slider knobs, and play stop and record buttons WITH optional audio DSP for f****ing up external signals!!!
Check out:


X-station or so… :)

I have heard that the build quality of Novation is crap… I really like all the options but I do not want to end up with a broken unit… Anyone using this controller?