Midi Latency --> Asio And Ltb Techs

I’ve been using Vsti’s for a short period now and I am experiencing some midi latencies when using them.

This friday I have a gig and i’m trying to boost up my midi response.
I’m quite new to this virtual synthz, so I’m not really sure what and how to do it.

I understand asio is only for audio latencies and thus have nothing to do with my question, or does it?

I read about the new LTB technology, (as I understand only for midi usb interfaces???)which is implemented in the newer cubase versions. Is there something like this in renoise or will it ever be.

The problem is that I have to keep up with some accoustic instruments and some other “real” synthz. I’m playing everything live as it is, so there will be no sequencing or what so ever.
I experienced the latency, and sometimes it really bad to hear the delay in “pressing the key on the midi-keyboard and hearing the sound”.

What is the best thing to do?

hm i think midi latency should not be an issue as long as you’re not sending tons of data through the cable - like notes and plenty cc stuff (on several channels).

i don’t know your setup of course, but to me it sounds the problem is most likely audio latency… asio will help if you cannot pull down direct sound latency enough without getting drop-outs.

I get what you mean, but I’m not convinced its audio latency. The first thing is that there is no latency bar with the vst instruments, so can I change it then, or is the latency for the midi properties also applyable for using vsti’s with an masterkeyboard. I wasn’t using any midi-device actually, only the connection to play on the master-keyboard instead of the “qwerty” board. But you may be right.

While writing this I’ve tested it intensively and I think your right and I’m an ass. DOn’t know what i’ve been doing this afternoon, but probably too much at the same time…

NOw I have to do some more testing in order to get the best possible latency.

Thanks MArc

:D :rolleyes:

no problem :)