Midi Latency

Since the implementation of the delay column in Renoise 2.0 I’m making extensive use of my MIDI-masterkeyboard which is connected to the pc with an EMU XMIDI 1x1 USB interface. There’s a noticable delay from pressing a key to hearing the generated sound from a VSTi - not as much as rendering the whole setup unusable but still a bit annoying.

Is there a way to lower the latency by using a more sophisticated audio interface that features MIDI In/Out and ASIO drivers? Does it make a difference at all regarding MIDI capabilities if one is using ASIO instead of DirectSound drivers or is this another kettle of fish altogether?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Have you tried http://www.asio4all.com?

Thanks to both of you for the hint to check asio4all. I’ve tried using this driver a long time ago with no luck. Now I’ve downloaded the latest version and to my surprise it finally does support my onboard chip and the dreadful MIDI latencies are gone for good! :)