MIDI learn last touched for plugins

Hi, I want to know if there is way of doing MIDI learn in a similar way that Reaper does, that is:

  1. Move a fader in the plugin GUI
  2. Click the “Learn last touched” option in the window that contains the plugin interface
  3. Move a knob or fader in my MIDI controller

Thanks in advance!

There is currently no native solution for that. Perhaps with a script something is possible, i know it has been discussed before but i can’t find a clear topic in the searchhits.

Well, not in the way you described. But:
With effects: when you press the > button in your plugin (left from the ‘Ext. Editor’ button)
it shows all the parameters of that plugin. These can be mapped with the native MIDI mapper.

With instruments: Load the ‘Instr. Automation’ DSP device, select your plugin (which must be loaded in one of the instrument slots) and map the parameters with the native MIDI mapper.

Thanks, maybe if the Instr. Automation device could somehow show the last touched parameters it would be enough (i think Live does this also).