MIDI LEARN: Mapping parameter changes to your computer keyboard

i’d like to be able to change values on the native repeater just by pressing one of the numbered keys on my keyboard. it’d be effective i think for live recording as well. But instead im right clicking all the time in the pattern editor at each bar. i know i can use a midi controller and assign the repeater values to it, but this would be cool for the hardcore just-use-your-laptop musicians. i thought of this while i was creating hi hat rolls. i use the repeater to generate my hihat rolls. cheers

wouldnt it also be cool if there were like a super midi computer keyboard where the keys on the laptop were squishy pads and were velocity sensitive and shiz! yeah! someone invent that!

so is this not a good idea? can this already be done or something?

You could also connect a keytracker device to the repeater.

But I do agree it would good if the computer keyboard was treated as a midi/osc input device within Renoise so you could map keys to controls etc…