Midi Map Question Regarding Solo'ing, No 'set' Possible?


Trying to set-up the ultimate’st midi-controller gig I’m coming across a small problem hooking up my bcr2000 to Renoise.

I’ve assigned the top 8 buttons of the controller to ‘mute/unmute’ by setting them to ‘set’. Click a button (light on) and the track mutes, click the button again (light off) and the track unmutes.

However, when assigning the other 8 buttons of the controller for track Soloing purposes there doesn’t seem to be a ‘Set’ option in the midi mapping window only triggers! (Look in the ‘global mappings’ / ‘track muting’ / ‘Solo’ / ‘track XX’ tab)

Depending if all buttons light are off, I have to button click at least 3 times to solo on and off (1: button light on = track is soloed, 2: button light is off = nothing happens, 3: button light is on = track un-soloed).

Could you please add the ability to ‘set’ the solo mapping as well?



EDIT: maybe this thread can br moved to the 2.5 subforum?

Theres no persistent solo state in Renoise. Soloing just mutes all other tracks, thats why there is no [set] for solos.

But using the [trigger]s also should work here, even when the buttons do send a CC?

I think there should be a ‘set’ option for solo’ing if that would improve how we can use soloing on our controllers.

‘Trigger’ works yeah, that it can solo and un-solo tracks, but this takes more clicks than muting/unmuting (which I can ‘set’) like I stated in my first post and i find this pretty irritating.

When set-up soloing with trigger, it is like my controller only sends out a value when the button light is on (pressed), and [i]doesn’t send out a value when the button light is off /i. This doesn’t work intuitively.

Is this a limitation of the buttons on my controller?

I don’t think so, because having the mute/unmuting configured to ‘set’, it does also send out a value when having the button depressed (light off)!



After xmas is out the way- i’ll be programming my BCR2000 to take advantage of the new renoise midi.
I think the problem is that you have your buttons on the bcr2000 set to ‘toggle’ or ‘latch’ - i’m quite sure you can set it not to do this.
‘mountain utilities’ bcman program is just the job to aid programing the BCR2000. There’s a very helpful Yahoo group.
You can also do a lot more with the BCR2000 than programing it via the front panel.
One of your push knobs could select the track via turning, and push the knob to mute. - or push and twist left to mute, push and twist right to solo. The script language is quite simple. And you can send any midi command if you write the script, convert it and sys ex it into the BCR2000

Heh, yeah I already thought this could also probably be done through setting up the Behringer, though have never looked past midi-learn in my apps. I will try out the bcman program and see if I can fix the behavior, Cheers.