Midi Mapping : Absolute 14 Bit


I’m trying some live stuffs with my midi keyboard and I wonder if it’s possible to use a controller on a parameter with more than 7bit.

I assume that 127 steps are enough to control the volume of a track for example (0 to -60 dB >> 60/127 = less than 0.5dB for each Midi step ; if you put a logarithmic scale on the controller, it’ll be ok).

But, if you want to controll something like a filter frequency cutoff or a delay/flanger time, then 7 bits won’t be enough.

I think that one day somebody told me that it was possible to use midi controllers with a 14 bit quantization, and there this CC Type “Absolute 14 bit” option in the Midi Map Parameters window (in Renoise, I mean), so i’d like to know if this option is the one i’m looking for, and if yes, can i use it with any midi controller ?

Or those of my Axiom 61 won’t make the deal ?

Thanks !

The safest way to go when mapping sliders to midi controllers is to move the controller on your midi device and let Renoise detect the bit parameter that it gets along.
Your specific controller on your MIDI device should also be set to send 14-bit values.
You can always set the parameter in Renoise to 14 bit even after it detected your controller as 7-bit, however, if your controller only sends 7-bit values, the MSB and HSB order of values are not detected correctly so the values being send are interpreted wrong as well so that is why you need to be sure your midi device can send 14-bit values.
I would consult your Axiom 61 manual about this first.
If it can send 14 bit values and you have configured your controller to do so, a big chance that Renoise also will automatically detect this when you move the controller as soon as you have selected your parameter to map your controller to.