MIDI Mapping: Mixer volume can't go up in relative mode

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Have the same issue like this (http://forum.renoise.com/index.php/topic/41046-midi-mapping-volume-cant-go-up-in-relative-mode/?hl=%2Brelative+%2Bmidi), but the thread is locked.

Basically I am unable to use relative midi mappings on Mixer Volumes while all other sliders work fine. Any news about this?

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Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I’ve spent a lot of time on this issue and finally found some reference of someone having the same problem.

I’m working on a custom duplex device configuration for the Arturia MiniLab and the mixer volume sliders behaved weird (jumped/very jerky and non-linear) so I wanted to try the native MIDI mapping…

Basically MIDI mapped CCs in relative mode work everywhere except for the mixer volumes.
Renoise doesn’t detect automatically that it’s relative, but ignoring that (it still works when I manually select the correct mode) the volume sliders only ever move in one direction.

Am I doing anything wrong?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I get this behavior on both my desktop PC and my laptop running Win 10 and Renoise 3.1.1.

Here’s an example where I am always turning the same knob left and right.
MIDI messages:

Here you can see how I map the same value to different sliders.
The volume sliders (both pre- and post-fx) don’t move as expected: