Midi Mapping - Pattern Up & Down

Hi Renoisers,

Perhaps it is just me who is plain stupid, but I simply can’t figure out how to map my hardware controller (Korg NANOkontrol), so that I can jump up and down in my pattern.

Isn’t it possible to map a controller to jump one pattern up and one pattern down?

Thank you in advance :)


Bring up the MIDI Mapping dialog (CTRL+M), and go to Global Mappings > Navigation > Sequencer > Select Next / Previous Sequence Pos

Btw: I found it by entering “next” into the search box in the MIDI mapping dialog :wink:

I works! You must be some kind of genius :)

You don’t wanna know how much time I have spent on finding a solution, but all I needed was to type ‘next’ in the search box. OMG!

But thank you very much. You are my new best friend :)

Gee, thanks

Yeah, it’s a good trick. The search box is present in many other places: the disk browser, DSP device list, VST instrument/preset list…