Midi Mapping & Tools

I got an idea that I could control tempo by Axiom 49’s trigger pad. Tempo Tap tool is almost what is needed to be able to do that, but MIDI Mapping can’t be used with tools. My suggestion is that the functioning of MIDI mapping should be expanded to tools.

If it could be midi-mapped, it also could be automated right?

So, for example, you could have the reslide tool having the patterncommand values change over time through automation?

I say win.

I suppose that’s the grey area to realtime scripts already. For now i’d be happy with something similar to how the transport works.

Have this in my TODOs and will try to add this for 2.6 final…

Look at this please:

I hope it’s not totally out.

(Missing Global Mappings > Seq. Muting > Seq. XX [] > Seq. ## > Current Track)