midi mappings -> current instrument

hi i wish to know is that possible to use midi mappings only to current instrument im on? i have 6 knobs i want to tweak

for example i mapped bass everything good, started to edit lead mapped to same knobs and when i tweak my lead then bass tweaks also, i dont want that.

is there some quick workaround?

So you intend to actually have_two_set of mappings, and automatically make it switch when changing instrument?

Can’t be done with the built-in mapping system in Renoise - this is one-to-one, basic but easy to use/understand.

Best chance you have is if the controller supports “virtual pages” - with the ability to flip between them, you could assign one page to plugin A, another page to plugin B, etc.

Duplex, on the other hand, supports such “automapped” workflows - case in point: the Effect application.

But even then, this application doesn’t track the current instrument, but rather, the selected track / effect device.

(interesting idea though, to add “instrument focused” support - basically, display devices that relate to the currently selected instrument, somehow…)

yup maybe someday :slight_smile: my idea was to fast tweak some macros of my instruments directly from keyboard while recording.

in this case redux with maschine works great because all macros laid down on first page of controller for every selected instance