Midi Mappings Editing

How about:

Copying MIDI CC device copies also mappings.
Ability to “transpose” all the mappings in one device from one channel to another at once.
Also clear all midi mappings should then be present in right-click dialog of the device.
Mapping one CC to multiple sliders at same channel, so I can f.exp. control two parameters at once with one knob within set range.
Mapping multiple CC’s to one slider.
Controller offset. So that I can set a range in mapping controls and the knob I’m turning controls the slider value within set range so that (floor>=CC0)<(middleCC=(floorCC+((ceilingCC-floorCC)/2)))<(ceiling<=CC127).

Can be applied to VST automation as well.

I agree that there could be a bit more flexibility with regards to MIDI mappings, and 2+ CCs for 1 slider & vice versa would definitely make things more interesting for live stuff imo.

The contoller offset feature is already there, and is defined by the min & max bars when you press CTRL+M and select your controller. As for applying your formula to it, I would imagine that would be something more suited to the scripting side of Renoise, but perhaps some basic interpolation options would be nice too!

The offset feature isn’t as flexible as what I described. I meant that you could set the CC# for the both bottom and ceiling end of the controller, so that it would function as a slider in the given range of the controller#.