Midi messages flood on playback:panic()?

Renoise 3.0 takes a reeally long time to get responive after pressing ‘panic’ (playback stopped & pressing stop, call from the api, …) for me, like 10 seconds.

I noticed it sends “All Notes Off” and “All Sound Off” midi messages to all devices on all channels (i have 6 midi ins/outs atm, so thats a lot of messages already). On a closer look it seems that it sends a lot of duplicates too though?

I cleared the midi monitor before taking the pics below, then pressed ‘panic’.






Take a look at the “BC 78 00” messages eg. Could be setup related, but i unplugged all cables to the device, didn’t experience problems with other DAWs, and i’m pretty sure the problem appeared with r3.0.

I don’t use ‘panic’ a lot, so it’s not that important, but it seems it also gets triggered internally on some occasions, like before rendering, which can be a bit annoying (especially when writing tools that use rendering x).

I think i figured out where the duplicated messages come from. I have a default song template with 17 midi instruments setup (if you count in different channels per device). Is it possible that the panic function sends the messages for all channels, for each instrument that has a midi output device set?

EDIT: When i open a new song without my song template the panic() function works fine and doesn’t freeze renoise.