Midi Note Off Problem

hi! i’m fairly new to this forum, so hi everyone!

i’ve encountered a problem with midi note off. today i plugged in my roland jx-3p to renoise.
i’m not able to programm fast sequences. i alway have to set a note off after each midi note.
when not, the next note is not triggered via midi on my jx. otherwise, when i play the jx over
the computer keyboard, very fast melodies are possible. so my question is: is there a
possibility to set this midi note off thing anywhere in renoise? i already checked instrument
settings and midi in the preferences menu, but couldn’t find anything,that would help me.
the thing is, that i want to be able to programm fast sequences without wasting a line for the
note off command.

any help is highly appreciated!


cheese nucleus

You can use Note Cut commands for notes shorter than a Line but I don’t think Renoise will record them (although I may well be wrong.)

Think you may have to double the Lines Per Beat and “waste” a line per Note Off (as you put it.)

thank you very much for your quick reply! of course, doubling the lines per beat is the simplest
solution! dindn’t think of this yet. d’oh…
i think, i’ll stick to this. although,it’s really strange, that renoise doesn’t send
quick note off information through external midi, before the next note is triggered. even in pretty slow
melodies i always have to insert a note off command.

thanks again!

cheese nucleus