Midi Note Remapping For Drumkits

Hi! I wish to remap the keys of the instrument to use the notes which my drumkit output. Is this possible in an easy way?
A drumkit instrument should IMHO be treated like a special kind of instrument with each patch mapped to the note of a drumkit pad. What I want is to name each intrument patch, for example, the Hihat should always be mapped to D-4, Snare always mapped to E-4 and so on…

To samples inside a Renoise instrument this is easy (simply drag the sample to the keyzone you want to attach it to), for Midi-out this isn’t possible. One can write a tool that translates notes to different midi notes as long as the notes are submitted to the tool, but Renoise will always broadcast the notes to the midi device “as is” when they are played from within a pattern.

The compromise here would be sampling your drumdevice and map the samples to those keys. Because the plugin renderer unfortunately does not yet supports midi instruments, this is still quite a tedious job to do for multiple volume layers.

If it’s a drumkit produced by slicing, use the Drum Kit option at the top of the Sample Keyzones area. It provides limited customization to the mapping.

Yes, I have tried that, but since you can’t choose the notes, it’s not especially useful.

I guess I have to make my own Lua script to do what I want then…

There is a context-menu option where you can “destructively render slices” (rightclick on the main sample).
Then you can change the assigned notes manually.