MIDI Octave transpose on/off option for different MIDI devices

When I first got my 25key midi kb, I was kind of puzzled why the Octave also shifts incoming midi data accordingly. It’s handy to have that option.
But now I’ve grown. I’m building a live/mlr style tool in Reaktor, which I load in VST mode, so that I can do live compositions, loop stuff up etc. I want the controls mapped (obviously) to my Launchpad. But I want to trigger stuff from oct.2 on the drumpads (nanoPad2)… Setting the transpose on the looper to +24 won’t work either. (the looper is a Reaktor FX loaded into a track effect device, plus a instrument alias that the launchpad is then bound to) (Now I had the workaround to set the kick, snare, and hihat instruments to -24 so I could keep the octave at 4 in Renoise)

So an on/off option per device would be cool, or maybe just turn it off, always, for instruments that are not in the ‘master’ midi input list in the prefs?

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