Midi On Multiple Renoise Instances

I hate waiting on my songs to load when I’m performing live so I finally took the step and tried asio4all again and this is very stable with my ua-101.

Now I can’t open the MIDI devices on both instances (only on the first) I read some topics about this and I understand I have to disable WDM drivers?
but I don’t understand how, and besides, my second Renoise instance says “failed to open MME shizzle”

SO, how can this be done? and how do you mute the midi inputs if this works for the ‘not playing renoise’ I don’t want 2 synths out of 2 different songs sounding at the same time.


I would suggest that you look for a channel switch on the keyboard, most keyboards have one (even if it’s involving a strange procedure such as holding certain keys pressed etc.)

Then, you could install something like midi-yoke to create virtual midi devices - one for each instance of Renoise, and create a simple filter in midi-ox, bome’s midi translator or similar, which split the incoming messages by the channel and forward them to the respective virtual midi input ports

But if you can get the keyboard to register as a midi device in both instances, that would be the easiest by far, because then you just device which channel to use in the Renoise instr. settings -> midi input

Perhaps it’s also worth checking out if a scripted keyboard can open in multiple instances? I doubt it, but perhaps something like the duplex keyboard would be different than opening a native keyboard.

Thank you very much for your suggestions danoise. But the channel switching will get very tricky since I use 3 different controllers.
and one of them (the MS20 replica) doesn’t have a channel switch.
I will check the keyboard thingy inside Duplex.

Coolio, I would like to hear about some hands-on experience. I have not implemented a channel switch yet, though, but I’m sure you’ll get the general idea.
Be warned, the TripleStack is confusing like hell the first time you launch it. Like a spaceship made from keys. But use mouse-over to gain help about anything :slight_smile:

PS: I forgot to mention: wait a few minutes and I’ll have a new version online.
It has arrived, download here