midi out from midi controlled objects?

the super short version is basically this:

  • i’m using a midi control app (designer) on the ipad and renoise on the osx.

  • i can link a fader in midi designer/ipad to, say, the master volume slider, in renoise no problem with the midi map/learn mode. then when i fiddle with the slider on the ipad, renoise reflects my fiddling as i expect.

  • does it work the other way around? if i move the slider in renoise, will renoise send that value out to the ipad too?

  • (i understand that whether or not the ipad/app Does The Right Thing with that data is out of renoise’s control, so i’m just asking if it even sends it)

more details:

  • i’ve got the ‘audio midi setup’ working (i believe) correctly between the ipad and osx. i didn’t fiddle with any of the settings or Live Routings or whatever. i just made a session, saw my ipad, hit , and it works.

if i goto the midi tab in renoise and monitor the midi in/out windows, i can see data coming in from the ipad when i’m fiddling with sliders on there, but nothing() i seem to do makes renoise send its own data back out to the wire. () - nothing other than note data if i have a given instrument enabled to do that in the Instrument Properties drop down.

i do have “Network Session 1” (my audio midi setup session) selected as an out device there.

i don’t claim to know much of anything about midi, and have looked around a bit and seen some discussions highlighting how there’s not nearly as reliable a “standard” about what some things do with received data, so in case this is relevant but naive, it would seem feasible to me, that if renoise is taught “ok, channel 1 control 23 is what is mapped to my master volume slider”, then if, from within renoise (say via automation, or the user controlling it manually), if the slider is changed, renoise could just send C1CC23 values out to the network session like it got them in on and hope for the best.

i’m hoping it’s just some option i have failed to click somewhere that can make renoise start sending this stuff out as well as receiving it in, for a given control.

'cuz i’d like to see the sliders move on the ipad when a song is playing. that’d make me feel pretty satisfied. (and i think the midi designer app will do that if i can send it stuff)

i noticed that i can run this app both on the iphone and the ipad, so i did, and was able to confirm that the app does listen to sent CC info to update its display.

e.g. i told the ipad to learn and i moved a slider on the iphone. then i went out into ‘play’ mode, twiddled the slider on the iphone, and saw the ipad’s display update accordingly.

so if there’s a way to get renoise to start sending data out for objects with a midi mapping, i haven’t found it yet :frowning:

Maybe the renoise duplex tool could be configured to help in this case? https://forum.renoise.com/t/duplex-beta-versions/30625 - I think there are some configs in there offering “midi feeback” to devices. Midi is no set thing, each device will have its own rules and would need to be known and configured to work with.