Midi Out Problem

I have connected my Yamaha keyboard to my PC, and is attempting to play back this MIDI file through my keyboard via Renoise. The result sounds like this. For comparison, Rosegarden is able to play the same MIDI file through my keyboard as it should sound.

Can anyone help me with this? So far I’ve tried changing MIDI settings, like e.g. Offset. Even tried a bunch of illogical things, like the smoothing of slave and such. But playback remains “bumpy”.

Thanks for any help.

P.S.: Using Ubuntu Linux

Yes, Renoise plays fine otherwise. Only MIDI plays back bumpy. I can set an instrument to both MIDI and sample, and listen to the sample-version playing nicely, while the MIDI device next to it can’t keep up.

MIDI timing depends on the Audio setup, so could you please le us know how you’ve set up Audio in Renoise? We need to know if its ALSA, Jack and at which settings, especially which latencies.

Also on Linux there are two MIDI modes: One for Jacked synths, one for external MIDI. Both will compensate delays/latencies differently. Please use the external MIDI option in this case because you are playing back an external synth. The default is the “jacked” MIDI mode. You’ll find this setting in the Instrument panel in Renoise -> MIDI Properties.

Well, the problem occurs when using ALSA. And I tried a bunch of different settings in the Audio and MIDI section.

I also tried Jack, which (combined with the ext. MIDI setting on each instrument) gives a perfect MIDI playback. Unfortunately playback of sampled instruments sounds horrible with Jack. Maybe some setting in Jack. I guess I have to learn more about Jack.
It would be nice to be able to combine MIDI and sampled audio.

Thanks for the help.