Midi Output ?

A simple question …

Is it possible to save a track as midi ?
Let’s say you want to put the actual track together in Renoise and
then export the “skeleton” (midi file) for severe analog bashing elsewhere.

Thanks in advance !
Only just now discovered Renoise and it’s already pouring its addictive
juices down my spine !

Ooi Marvin !!

A small world this be, hahaha
Too bad Renoise don’t do that … yet … ?
Are these plans for the future ?

I used to compose in Skale but alas it seems to be a fowl
attempt to regenerate the past. Bug-infested. Almost crippled.
Mayhaps Renoise be the answer … oh shit, I hope so

if you like it the fiddly way, you could use a plugin. Thalamus can log and save it’s input to midifile. you’d need to exchange your instruments with thalamuses then, never tried it for this procedure myself, no idea how useful/ practical it is.