Midi Pads: Any Use In Renoise?

So I finally got organized enough to hook up my old su700 sampler via midi and start toying with midi mappings etc.

If I’m calculating correctly I now effectively have 190 knobs and 40 pads at my disposal.
Knobs are no problem, obviously, but is there anything I can do with the pads? Solo and Mute don’t seem to be mapable. What else am I missing?

Thanks in advance…


OK, my stupid ass finally realized I should just set up the pads as a few octaves of the keyboard!

Trouble is, I can’t seem to figure out how. In order to have use of all the knob functions I had to set the pads to each transmit on different channels (knobs and pads are “linked” in this way). Does that mean I’m screwed? I’ve been searching the manual and all the videos and I can’t find anything that addresses this.

Unless you can program CC commands to your pads, they are imho pretty effortless with Renoise.
But if you can program your pads to transmit specific signals, then you can do a lot of things, like sending MIDI cc signals to your instrument source, in that manner you can then specifically control instruments in a very versatile way.

Got it sorted out. Evidently channels don’t matter, I just had to set the octave to something logical. Sweetness.
I can program control numbers as well, need to experiment with midi in general.