Midi Pc Messages

Hi :). I’ve got this subliminally minimal midi controller MPK mini, and I’ve succeeded somewhat in setting it up for renoise usage. However. If I could map PC messages (triggers) just like CC messages, that would rock. It’d give me a lot more options yeah? :D however in the midi mapping window pc messages don’t get caught… could someone tell me what they are for? (because I won’t be selecting ‘grand piano’ in renoise or anything. and for now i’m not even using vst instrument plugins that support PC msgs)
thanks in advance, if anything about my question is unclear please ask

edit; PS, so for now I’ll have to use real notes, for instance C-0 through B-0 for extra control triggers.

PC messages are program change messages, if you have the Program change messages turned on in the Midi preferences, they should be interpreted.
You cannot map those however because the sole purpose is changing programs of the to be controlled plugin or external midi device (midi output device).