Midi Piano

Hello there. I am a complete newb with renoise. I havent used any tracking software since Fast Tracker 2 (Those were the days :wink: ), and a little Skale Tracker.

About 1 year ago i bought myself a Digital Piano (Yamaha DGX630) witch i use a little with Synthsia and stuff like that. Then last week i got the nice idea to try to combine it with a tracker, so i chose this since it has great support, and seems to be updated on a regular basis compared to other trackers.
I had no problems what so ever to getting it to work with Renoise. I can track and play and sound comes out.

However. I want to play and track at the same time, big chunks of songs, but when i do that, it seems all the notes are crammed into one channel divided into three sub channels or something, so when i play lots of notes together, it doesent sound good at all.

Is there anyway to either make Renoise do 1 note per channel, so i can for example dedicate 8 channels to the piano part, or expanding the channel so it can fit all the notes at the same time?

Also, the piano seems to send an OFF state after each note, witch is not what i want. I do play with the sustain pedal down, but it doesent seem to help. I want the next tone to cancel out the previous one if you can understand, so is there any way to disable the OFF statement?

I havent found alot of information on how to use a keyboard/synth etc. with Renoise, especially not on youtube, so i thought I’d ask here.

Thanks a lot



Not while recording. There is a Tool which will separate into individual tracks based on Note value but I don’t think that’s what you want as you’re talking piano. (It’s mostly useful for separating live recorded drum parts.)

One Renoise track can have up to 12 note columns so you should be able to have all notes in one track. They will as default record from the left. Am I right in thinking you want each note value in it’s own column? Not sure if there’s even a tool that does this currently…

Preferences -> MIDI -> uncheck Note Offs in the Play/Record section.

Thank you for your nice answer mr. kazakore.

The note off disable worked perfectly. I’d rather go and insert off’s manually after i’ve played the song :)

I also somehow got the notes in one channel spanning across more note columns now, so it sounds great.

I have 2 new questions tho.

Is there any way to get the key bindings more like or exactly like FT2?


My midi piano has around 600 different “voices” in it. Is there some way to directly sample some of them into Renoise?
For example it would be great to have the original grand piano sound as a sample.

Thank’s alot



FOr FT2 users the most obvious change to make is: Preferences -> Plug/Misc -> Space Record/Stop Mode [FT2]

You can set keybinding for most things to pretty much anything you want but most people who ask this is the only real change they want.

Unsure about your other question. I don’t think there’s any automated way to do it from MIDI but you can obviously record via an audio input into your computer and create Instruments yourself.