Midi Pitch Bend From Automation


create a ReNoise MIDI instrument and assign its channel properly.

now put a “set CC change” command.

for example, if you have set the MIDI instrument to slot 01, type a
— 01 00 90 917C
(note, instrument, volume, pan command)

to set value 7C (hex) cor CC# 91 for the MIDI channel assigned to the instrument 01.

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That’s possible, but it is not setting pitch bend from automation as rediego asked for. I don’t think that’s possible… (?)

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once made what I’ve said, add a MIDICCDevice Metadevice to the DSP list, and assing it to the MIDI instrument (in the example: 01).
Now assign a MIDICCDevice slider to the proper CC# number and you are now ready to automate the value.

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