Midi Pitch Slide

sometimes, in the past, some users asked for mapping of the 1xx/2xx command on MIDI.

This is probably something which a bit is too complex, because of many problems which may occur (backward compatibility with the old FT2/Amiga stuff, BPM-dependent behaviour of 1xx/2xx, to name two), but I think that something easier than the mapping can be done, either using 1xx/2xx or special values for the 91 xxxx command.

For example, we could have two commands:
91 81xx or 1xx
91 82xx or 2xx,
which should add or subtract xx/ticks at each tick so that, at the end of the row, xx will be added or subtracted.

81 and 82 are unused values for MIDI pitchwheel, since its range is 00…7F, and they recall the 1xx/2xx sample version.

present pitchwheel value: 40h
present speed: F10C
desired new pitchwheel value: 30h

the user puts a 91 8210 on the row, and the next row will have the new value of 30h by a smooth transition, which smoothness depends on the speed parameter.

Interanally, ReNoise should subtract 16/12=1.3333… at each tick to the MIDI pitchwheel value, of course rounding it to integer while sending the MIDI CC, but the variable which contains the value should not be integer.

This could of course be applied to modwheel too, though you should find a good command for it, since I don’t know one :)