Midi Program Change

Heh, this should be easy but I can’t seem to get it worked out…
How do I make program changes? I want one hardware synth (let’s say on midi channel 1) to change from preset number 1 to preset number 2 in the same song. Back in my Amiga - Ocatamed days all I had to do was make a new instrument with the same midi channel and a different preset and that was it. But in Renoise that doesn’t do the trick… What does? I read something about effect row 92 and the program number, but that doesn’t seem to work. Obviously I’m doing something wrong, and obviously I have no clue what :)

Thank you for your help!

put the number of the instrument for which you want to change the program into the instrument number position, even without a note.

Now put 92 on the pan column (pay attention because it could be hidden, so you should check the “view pan” on the middle-right side of the screen!)

Now put the program number (hex) in the first two digits of the command column (0000)

For example, to change program to 18 (dec) for instrument 03, you have to write this:

— 03 – 92 1200

note: some VST plugins require a note to be played for the program change to happen, so you should put a note with volume 00 if necessary:
C-4 03 00 92 1200

note2: I’ve seen some VST plugins not reacting to program change. One of these was HAlion 1.1

Yes that did it! I overlooked the view pan part :D Thank you very much!