Midi Questions

I’m trying to find out how to use my midi keyboard input device to control the sliding of pitches in samples. All I can find are things relating to the MIDI remote mapper, but pitch is not one of the DSP’s.

Also, is there a way of doing a SMOOTH pitch bend on midi instruments? Currently all I know how to do is change the pitch to what is on the current line–is there a way to make it sort of pornamento to the pitch in that line instead of cutting hard to it? If I could make the block longer than its current limit (200 hex), it wouldn’t ever be noticeable–there’d be enough lines going fast enough to not notice, but it’d be even better if I could just smoothly slide to a pitch with a command for midi instruments. Does such a thing exist?

No, unfortunately it doesn’t exist :( It has been discussed a few times so hopefully we will see it in the future. The only trick is as you say to increase the speed and enter many pitch bend commands. The easiest way to enter pitch bend values is just to turn edit on and use you pitch bend on the keyboard. If you enter a start and an end value you can also use the interpolate function under advanced edit. Might come in handy for long patterns…

You’ve got to be kidding. Neither is available?

Renoise has it’s roots in sample based tracking as opposed to Cubase etc which started with MIDI. So MIDI lacks quite a few features in Renoise…

The same problems applies to e.g. automation where resolution is line based. Hopefully these things will be attended to when a better resolution is introduced, but that is in the future, beyong v1.5.

Renoise 1.5 needs to come out SOON. With the 200 hex pattern limit gone, I’ll be able to make smooth sounding pitch bends. Right now, however, I’m at a complete roadblock with a couple songs.

Count me in the choir. Here is one of the threads concerning this. I hope they can fix a simple solution, so that we don’t have to wait until that tick situation is solved.

just two notes:

  1. instead of using pitch bend to simulate portamento, you should use the portamento time if available on your synth

  2. I’ve never tried this by myself, but I remember that the least significant byte couple in 91xxyy should be a “fine pitch bend”, i.e. between 91 4800 and 91 4900 there should be 91 4801, 91 4802, … , 91 48FF