midi renoise to keyboard question

hi there, i had renoise 2.7 and had my keyboard used as a controller-it was very easy to set up thru preferences…but when i downloded 2.8 and wanted to use the keyboard as a contoller under’ preferences’ midi’ device A’…just like 2.7 it didnt have the option the little drop down arrows on the right are now missing and im a bit lost

I’m not sure what you exactly miss in the Midi Preferenecs, but you should be able to set 4 different devices in the midi preferences…
Is your midi device a USB device? Is it plugged in and recognized before you start Renoise?
What platform are you running Renoise on, which bit version?

it just decided to show up…it may have been having it pluged in prior to booting up renoise that solved it

MIDI devices need to be plugged in before you start an application, especially with Windows (other OSes cope with it marginally better but still it depends on the application and usually you have to tell it to manually rescan, it wont do it automatically.) Windows also has a second weakness in that a MIDI device can only be connected to a single piece of software at a time.

that worked thanks