Midi Routing Hacks

1047 midi_looping.png

Would have been nice if i could have pulled off this hack…(Just for fun)
Sending notes through Midi Yoke out 2 directly to my script that in turn sends it to the OSC server which in turn controls several instruments at the same time…
That is currently not clearly visible, but i have some test-code in the script that translates midi-messages into OSC messages to trigger the first two instruments (more or less) simultaneously.
That part doesn’t work real flawlessly either (In UDP mode this is even a worse unreliable mess).

But unfortunately… no information gets in… As for most likely loopback reasons Midi yoke is not routing this to the same port inside the same application…
Is there perhaps a virtual midi cable that would allow this?

Edit:I can pull this off with LoopBE… ;)