?Midi Slaved Renoise & Resync After Having Stopped

I keep thinking I’m overlooking something, as I’m trying to figure out a method of how to bring a renoise slave back into sync with the master, after stopping the renoise slave.

example usage:

both master and slave running.
with master still running, stop slave.

(from what I can tell, this disengages the slave’s sync)

load new song into slave.

Now, is it possible to bring that slave back into sync with the master, Without stop/starting the master?

Something like a “wait for sync”?

Really just some method of getting that slave synced back in with the master without stopping the master.


Yes, simply start the slave again at a full “bar” position of the master. Renoise will not loose the sync when loading new songs. It will catch up to the bar positions of the master when restarted…

Doing this from the master is not possible without stopping, restarting. Theres no such thing in the MIDI clock protocol which could be used.


I noticed it doing this early yesterday, but I was unsure how or if it was really happening.
If I remember correctly I noticed a slight shift in bpm.
I don’t think I had the bar set properly though.

This is real cool.

I’ve been experimenting on a method for live usage while working on a screen recording demonstration and I believe using 3 Renoise instances with a desktop manager is about the best way to possibly do this.

No song in master, only songs in the slaves.

I’m thinking, a quick method of bringing a slave back into the mix would entail:

  1. drop volume for slave.
  2. hit stop in slave
  3. load file in slave
  4. press Home*
  5. possibly drop volume for loaded song in slave
  6. hit play in slave
  7. possibly change bpm in master
  8. wait until slave is caught up
  9. raise volume